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Custom Fabrication Services 

Concept to Completion

From concept to completion, we're dedicated to supporting you. Asahi/America’s experienced team of application engineers and production personnel will work to accommodate your system's unique needs with our wide range of corrosion resistant thermoplastic materials. 

From initial customer approval of drawings, to prototyping, in-process production inspection and reporting, and testing to customer specifications, we are ready to work with you every step of the way.

Class 1000 Cleanroom

In our class 1000 cleanroom, we can produce piping spools, valves, manifolds and custom pieces for your high purity or wet process applications.

We pre-fabricate, bag, seal and package all high purity products in an ISO class VI cleanroom to ensure a clean product is delivered to the site.

On-site Support
Weld Training.jpg

We offer a tiered weld training certification program on any of our rented or purchased tools for both our single and double walled piping systems.


We also offer emergency support, available to assist you with whatever installation challenges you face.

CAD Design Assistance

Asahi/America offers an extensive BIM/CAD library with various downloadable file formats on all our valve and piping systems. Our CAD engineers are available to assist you in choosing the correct materials and applying Asahi/America's products in your system's requirements.

Pre-Assembled Spool.JPG

Pre-fabrication, Pre-assembly, Modularization, & Off-site Fabrication


Welding complicated piping configurations in the field can be costly. Special equipment and training may be required. Environmental conditions may not be favorable and the slightest error can delay your project, costing time and money for contractors and plant owners. Savvy government and private firms are turning to PPMOF solutions to ensure projects come in under budget and on time. Contact Asahi/America to learn how we assist the fluid flow needs for your facility by pre-fabricated and pre-assembling custom thermoplastic components.

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